Carved Air exhibition with Yunchul Kim

Exhibition view of Carved Air by Yunchul Kim, at the Schering Stiftung, Berlin. Photo: KATJA HOMMEL

Carved Air exhibition with Yunchul Kim Photo: Katja Hommel


If you happen to be in Berlin this autumn, I highly recommend the exhibition by Yunchul Kim that runs until 1 December at Schering Stiftung. I will unfortunately not be able to attend the exhibition, but am glad that I got the chance to see the works he presented at Edit-Russ-Haus, Oldenburg last summer.

The exhibition is called Carved Air and is curated by Lucía Ayala. It is also the first project presented by the creative and research platform Fluid Skies which was founded by Yunchul Kim (artist), Lucía Ayala (art historian) and Jaime Forero (astrophysicist) in 2011. Their aim, in their own words, is to: explore the fluid materiality of the cosmos from the perspectives of astrophysics, art, history and philosophy.

At Schering Stiftung, Yunchul Kim presents two fluid-kinetic sculptures and some electrochemical drawings. The exhibition also includes a functioning and artistically custom-built cosmic ray detector.

For a few years, Yunchul Kim has produced several really nice projects, where he experiments with electromagnets and custom-made ferrofluids (liquids with magnetic particles). Yunchul Kim does solid research and experiments with his materials, in order to find its right behaviour, colour and formation.

One of his first projects with ferrofluids was Epiphora and was one of the eleven art-works presented in Electrohype 2010.

Epiphora by Yunchul Kim

Epiphora by Yunchul Kim

Effulge is one of Yunchul’s most recent works and I’ve only seen it on documentation, so far. It’s includes six flat containers, or panels, mounted on the wall. Each container is filled with ferrofluids. The liquid moves by the use of an aquarium air pump and the electromagnets – depending on their position and if they are activated or not –  create fascinating and dynamic formations within the liquid.  The electromagnets are placed in such a way that the panels are united as one piece.

See a video of Effulge on vimeo

Effulge, work by Yunchul Kim, Photo: ALEXANDER SCHIPPEL

Effulge, Photo: Alexander Schippel


This installation consists of three glass tubes/pillars (that remind me a bit of three huge test tubes). Inside each tube there is some motors that makes the liquid flow in dynamic and colourful formations, each tube with a different character and colour scheme.


Triaxial pillars by Yunchul Kim (exhibition at the Edith Russ Haus)

Triaxial pillars (from the exhibition at the Edith Russ Haus, Oldenburg)

On 2 November – in the frame of the exhibition – there will be a symposium, FLUID COSMOLOGIES. Find out more here.

Yunchul Kim comes from Korea but lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Triaxial Pillars by Yunchul Kim


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