Urban parasites by Gilberto Esparza

MRN by Gilberto Esparza

Urban Parasites: MRN

Urban parasites is a work of art consisting of artificial objects / organisms that live in the urban space. They survive by collecting energy they can get in their surroundings.  Dblt and clgd, for instance, feed on the city’s power-lines.

The items are well made and the use of recycled materials and technology gives them a slightly futuristic character.

The project appeals to me on many levels. It raises questions of many important topics concerning our over-consumption and throwaway society; how we ought to start thinking and act more towards sustainability, re-use, re-pair and increase our awareness of our environment and resources.

Gilberto Esparza makes use of and interacts with the public space in an innovative and exciting way. He reveals rooms and spaces that normally pass unnoticed and where we normally don’t expect to experience art. His work arouses curiosity, thoughts and engages people who move through the city.

Autótrofos inorgánicos by Gilberto EsparzaAutótrofos inorgánicos consists of electronically controlled plastic spheres. They are sensitive to the variations of the sunlight caused by shadows from the trees and transform these variations into sound.


MRN by Gilberto EsparzaMRN this parasite lives in symbiosis with a light source that causes it to produce sound. It uses the same power source as its host.

Clgd are parasites hanging on telephone lines. They consist of PVC pipes and move by wiggling their bodies up and down. Every now and then they beep in order to get some attention from their environment.
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Captura de pantalla Dblt. These parasites reside on electrical wires and feed on their energy. They collect the sound from their environment and re-plays it, if they are in the mood to do so.

Gilberto Esparza is an Mexican artist.

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