Trekking in Time: Kerstin Ergenzinger

Wanderer is a kinetic installation using small, modified and individually programmed, thermal printers. The printer slowly moves along its strip of printing paper, of which several hang outstretched in the room. On its journey it leaves traces behind, a line, a dot or letters. Sometimes, between the rows of lines, a word appears, a phrase, and slowly a drawing is created on the paper.

Wanderer was created in close collaboration with Thom Laepple. They have made many hikes together, amongst others in the Rocky Mountains following the long Continental Divide Trail.

Wanderer by Kerstin Ergenzinger

Wanderer by Kerstin Ergenzinger

In addition to Wanderer the exhibition includes a series of drawings by Ergenzinger. She draws layers of superimposed silhouettes, it might be a mountain peak, a cloud formation or a passing iceberg. The light, the position or an altered perspective adjust the lines.

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