Trekking in Time: Christina Kubisch

The sound art pioneer Christina Kubisch has created a site specific sound walk for Ystad, making the town’s electromagnetic fields audible. Electrical Walks is an ongoing project which started in 2003. The artist has since created sonic walks around the world at different locations with special headphones, designed by herself, which capture the electromagnetic waves in the environment and transform them into audible signals.

Electrical Walk in Ystad by Christina Kubisch

Electrical Walk in Ystad by Christina Kubisch

Electrical Walks is an interactive work enabling us to listen to the town, experiencing our environment in a new way. The stroll produces a feeling of being in a parallel universe. The sounds vary considerably, they may be fascinating, beautiful, exciting, even disturbing, sometimes musical but also frightening.

Kubisch does not edit the sounds; she composes a walk to locations she believes ’sound’ interesting.

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