Pit, pit, chirp, chirp, kvidevitt, kvidevitt

Pit, pit, chirp, chirp, kvidevitt, kvidevitt an interactive sound sculpture by Jean-Pierre Gauthier

Photo: Jean-Pierre Gauthier

Jean-Pierre Gauthier, the artist I wrote about last week, is currently presenting an interactive sound sculpture at Värnhemstorget in Malmö, Sweden. The two meter tall red sculpture has four wheels. By turning them you can generate four different bird-like sounds.

The sculpture is part of a project, run by Electrohype, that will present and develop the idea of eventually transforming Värnhemstorget into an electronic sculpture park. Other works in the exhibition will be presented as visualisations. The exhibition will run until 28 of February, and maybe longer.

Read more about the project at Electrohypes website.
Visit Jean-Pierres website and see a video documentation of the sculpture.



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