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eLEmeNT: EaRTh by Nandita Kumar

I recently stumbled on Nandita Kumar’s electronic works. Nandita Kumar is a young Indian artist who uses electronics in her very own particular way. It is quite common that artists who use electronics in their work keep them visual, as part of the esthetic expression. I’ve also seen many artists who make sculptures and installations of old electronic parts, then using only their esthetics.

In an elegant way, Nandita Kumar combines the two – she transforms the electronic material, using its plastic characteristics and qualities, and thus creates new objects, but also uses the electronic function of the components.

Her work raises important issues concerning our environment, earth, climate, nature, food production etc.

Detail of eLEmeNT: EaRTh

Detail of eLEmeNT: EaRTh

eLEmeNT: EaRTh consists of a big glass bottle (56cm*40cm). With wood, wires, solar cells, sensors, copper and other electronic components she has created a self-function system that corresponds to a cycle in nature. Wires and other components are transformed into nature-like objects, a tree is equipped with solar cells that charge a battery to run the circuits in the bottle. One function is for example to generate nature-based sounds of birds, whales, wind, rain etc.

Videodocumentation of eLEmeNT: EaRTh

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