Meta.Morf 2012

If you happen to be in Trondheim, Norway in October you could visit the biennial Meta.Morf 2012. The exhibition opens September 27 and runs until October 28, 2012. The subtitle for the show is A Matter of Feeling and is curated by Alex Adriaansens (V2) and Espen Gangvik (TEKS).

Artists in the exhibition: Wim Delvoye, Cesar Harada, Philip Beesley, Guto Nobrega, Stelarc, Markus Kison, Peter Flemming, Zimoun, Driessens&Verstappen, Jessica de Boer, Xandra van Eijk, Antony Hall, Ralf Baecker, Kianoosh Motallebi

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Instrumentation, artwork by Peter Flemming
Instrumentation by Peter Flemming (photo: Peter Flemming)

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