Knight of Infinite resignation by Diane Landry

Knight of Infinite resignation artwork by Diane Landry

This is my first post about a Canadian artist and I can assure you that many more will follow. My opinion is that Canada is one of the most interesting countries when it comes to electronic art. Canadian pioneers, such as Norman T. White, Doug Back and David Rokeby, have all had a significant impact on this particular art genre and been a great source of  inspiration for many of its artists.

Diane Landry lives and works in Quebec City. Her installation Knight of Infinite resignation is currently featured in the exhibition Oh, Canada at MASS MoCA. The exhibition runs through 8 of April , 2013.

In this work, Diane Landry uses bicycle wheels, pet bottles, censors, motors, light and sound to make fascinating kinetic-light-installation. The bottles are mounted around the wheels in the form of flowers, where the bottles look like petals. By mounting the wheels on a stand the sculptures also remind of old windmills; an impression that is reinforced by the fact that the wheel turns.

The bottles are filled with sand. When the wheel turns the sand generates sound as it seeks its gravity. Inside the cap is a small light that is controlled by sensors that turn it off when covered and  lit it up again when uncovered. The light inside the bottle makes it glow and cast nice reflexions on the walls around the installation.

You can see a video of the work on her website.

Electrohype exhibit two of her works in 2010 at Ystads Art museum, Mandalas in series Blue Decline. In those installation’s she also worked with light and pet bottles.

Knight of Infinite resignation artwork by Diane Landry



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