Deep Sea

Städtische Galerie Bremen: 11 November 2018 – 27 January 2019
Ystads konstmuseum: 1 juni – 1 september, 2019

The exhibition “Deep Sea” highlights various aspects of the sea as a living environment. The sea is still one of the world’s most unfamiliar environments, a seemingly boundless space where we humans cannot live, which we have limited knowledge of and where exploration is slow. It is becoming increasingly clear how dependent we are on this ecosystem, how the marine environment is threatened, especially through human intervention, and at what speed the destruction or change takes place.

Signe Johannessen, still ur filmen Hic Sunt Dracones (2016). Foto: Tasneem Khan

The exhibition addresses these sociopolitically relevant aspects of the human relationship to the sea, as well as our beliefs and illusions of the depth and surface of the sea. The works in the exhibition are about everything from explicit political issues to surreal and personal confrontations, which are presented as videos, photographs, sculptures, installations and drawings.

Participating artists: Monira Al Qadiri, Julia Baier, Katja Blum, Sara Förster, Swaantje Güntzel, Susann Hartmann, Åke Hedström, Signe Johannessen, Maria Mathieu, Ngozi Schommers, Annemarie Strümpfler, Lena Maria Thüring and Svenja Wetzenstein.

”Deep Sea” is shown in Bremen and in Ystad, two harbour cities where the sea always have had an fundamental significance. The exhibition is produced by Ystads konstmuseum and Städtische Galerie Bremen in collaberation with Künstlerinnenverband Bremen, GEDOK.

Curated by Ýrr Jónasdottir, Anna Kindvall, Ingmar Lähnemann and Alexandra Waligorski.

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