transmediale – afterglow

The Art Hack Day Berlin, LEAP

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The Art Hack Day Berlin, LEAP, exhibition is one of the main exhibitions of the transmediale festival this year. Over 70 artists and hackers will create new works for the exhibition within the festival theme afterglow. The starting point is Monday evening on the 27th of January and 48 hours later, on the 29th, the exhibition will be open for the public. Art Hack Day is a grassroots event/exhibit format/community for artists whose medium is tech and hackers whose medium is art.

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PIKSEL[X] – Kernel Panic! [22-25 November]

Piksel festival in Bergen, Norway is celebrating their 10th anniversary.
The festival features installations, performances, symposium, workshops and more.

I would have loved to attend the following two workshops:
Experimental Electromagnetism with Peter Fleming and Experimental Communication with Ryan Jordan, Jonathan Kemp & John Bowers.

More information and program here.

Upcoming event: CYNETART festival, Dresden

15-21 November 2012

Snail Trail, artwork by Philipp Artus (3D-Laser Animation)

Snail Trail by Philipp Artus (3D-Laser Animation), images source: Cynetart

CYNETART 2012 international festival for computer based art is taking place at Festspielhaus Hellerau in Dresden, Germany. The exhibition covers a wide range of different topics, such as biotechnology, activism, subversion, steampunk, data visualization, transformations, gender, social Darwinism and drones.

The exhibition includes the following artists: Kerstin Ergenzinger, Ricardo O’Nascimento, Nika Oblak & Primož Novak, Maja Smrekar, Verena Friedrich, Philipp Artus, Julius Stahl, Marcel Helmer, Dik Sum Man and Carolin Weinert.

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Launch of

Video stil from a video by

This Friday, 26 October an exhibition website for net-based art will be launched on (this link will be activated on Friday)

The exhibition, curated by Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen, is titled Communication Paths / Kommunikations stier and will focus on net communication. The artworks are specially produced for this exhibition by the following artists: 0100101110101101.ORG / Eva & Franco Mattes (I), JODI (B/NL),  Michelle Teran (CA), Jens Wunderling & Philipp Bosch (DE), Anders Bojen & Kristoffer Ørum (DK).

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Meta.Morf 2012

If you happen to be in Trondheim, Norway in October you could visit the biennial Meta.Morf 2012. The exhibition opens September 27 and runs until October 28, 2012. The subtitle for the show is A Matter of Feeling and is curated by Alex Adriaansens (V2) and Espen Gangvik (TEKS).

Artists in the exhibition: Wim Delvoye, Cesar Harada, Philip Beesley, Guto Nobrega, Stelarc, Markus Kison, Peter Flemming, Zimoun, Driessens&Verstappen, Jessica de Boer, Xandra van Eijk, Antony Hall, Ralf Baecker, Kianoosh Motallebi

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Instrumentation, artwork by Peter Flemming
Instrumentation by Peter Flemming (photo: Peter Flemming)

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