transmediale – afterglow

The Art Hack Day Berlin, LEAP, exhibition is one of the main exhibitions of the transmediale festival this year. Over 70 artists and hackers will create new works for the exhibition within the festival theme afterglow. The starting point is Monday evening on the 27th of January and 48 hours later, on the 29th, the […]

VIDA 15.0 Award

I have to say that this year’s VIDA 15.0 Awarded projects constitute a great selection of really interesting artists. The first prize went to Kerstin Ergenzinger for her work Rotes Rauschen, second to Agnes Meyer-Brandis for her Moon Goose Analogue: Lunar Migration Bird Facility and third to Yunchul Kim for his work Effulge.

Present by Alejandro Borsani

Present is an artwork which simplicity makes it poetic. To me the work is about existence and time; about presence here and now and the non-lasting moment that has already past as it happens.

Nandita Kumar

I recently stumbled on Nandita Kumar’s electronic works. Nandita Kumar is a young Indian artist who uses electronics in her very own particular way. It is quite common that artists who use electronics in their work keep them visual, as part of the esthetic expression. I’ve also seen many artists who make sculptures and installations […]

Microtonal Wall by Tristan Perich

Microtonal Wall is a work by the sound artist Tristan Perich. The work consists of 1500 one-bit-speakers, each playing a specific tone, within a total span of 4 octaves. The speakers are mounted on an large aluminum plate. From a distance the collection of frequencies turns into white noise. However, as the visitor approaches the […]


Last week I spent a couple of days in Berlin, where I past by the Haus des Lehrers at Alexanderplatz. It made me think of Blinkenlight – a nice project in 2001 that transformed this building into a low-resolution monochrome interactive computer screen.

Darsha Hewitt

Feedback Babies is a kinetic sound installation consisting of three Nursery Monitors. The Nursery Monitors in the installation are from the 80’s which gives the installation some kind of retro look. The baby monitor and the receiver are placed in a close distance, about 20 cm, facing each other. This is much closer than you […]

Aram Bartholl

I don’t know if Aram Bartholl refers to himself as a street artist, but at least some of his works fall into this genre. Dead Drops is one of them and an offline peer to peer file-sharing project. It consists of a USB-memory stick mounted in outer walls in the public space. By connecting your […]

Pendulum Music On A Long Thin Wire

In December 2012 at Objet Inusité at Eastern Bloc in Montreal, Canada, Peter Flemming presented a sound installation/performance, Pendulum Music On A Long Thin Wire. The installation includes two machine performers, both with two long arm-like pendulums. A thin piano string, is attached above them. The string is vibrating electromagnetically and the vibration generates sound.


Rauchwolken und luftschlösser (Smoke clouds and air castle) is the title and theme of the current exhibition at GAK Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst in Bremen, Germany. The exhibition presents eight artists Ralf Baecker, Kerstin Ergenzinger, Hannes Hoelzl, Agnes Meyer-Brandis, Mikael Mikael, Studio NAND, Lucas Odahara and Hannes Waldschütz.

Pit, pit, chirp, chirp, kvidevitt, kvidevitt

Jean-Pierre Gauthier, the artist I wrote about last week, is currently presenting an interactive sound sculpture at Värnhemstorget in Malmö, Sweden. The two meter tall red sculpture has four wheels. By turning them you can generate four different bird-like sounds.

Jean-Pierre Gauthier

The first time I saw a work of Jean-Pierre Gauthier was at transmediale in Berlin 2006 at the Smile Machine exhibition. The very same year Electrohype had the opportunity to include his work Effondrements in the biennial 2006. It is an kinetic sound installation where he uses found everyday objects such as buckets, a laundry […]

Niklas Roy

Niklas Roy describes himself as an inventor of useless things. He is an artist based in Berlin producing really great interesting artworks with electronics, which often have a humoristic absurdity and ironic twist. In this post I only highlight a couple of his projects. You can find more of his works on his website.

I miss add art

I miss add art, the nice FireFox add-on that replaced advertising on websites with curated art. I really like the idea of being fed with art rather than advertisement while browsing the web. add art is a free and open source project developed by the artist Steve Lambert hosted at Eyebeam. It works as an […]

PIKSEL[X] – Kernel Panic! [22-25 November]

Piksel festival in Bergen, Norway is celebrating their 10th anniversary. The festival features installations, performances, symposium, workshops and more. I would have loved to attend the following two workshops: Experimental Electromagnetism with Peter Fleming and Experimental Communication with Ryan Jordan, Jonathan Kemp & John Bowers. More information and program here.

Real Snail Mail

The last decade has drastically changed our idea of availability. Before, we used to get no more than one mail delivery per day, and the only way to be reached by phone was through a wired one. The arrival of the Internet and mobile phones, providing faster and easier ways of communication, has definitely changed […]


The 26th of October, I visited the symposium that was part of the launch of Net.Specific at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Roskilde, Denmark. Net.Specific is an exhibition website for net-based art. The first exhibition, Communication Paths, is curated by Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen (an announcement was posted here earlier). The exhibition includes the […]

Upcoming event: CYNETART festival, Dresden

15-21 November 2012 CYNETART 2012 international festival for computer based art is taking place at Festspielhaus Hellerau in Dresden, Germany. The exhibition covers a wide range of different topics, such as biotechnology, activism, subversion, steampunk, data visualization, transformations, gender, social Darwinism and drones. The exhibition includes the following artists: Kerstin Ergenzinger, Ricardo O’Nascimento, Nika Oblak […]

Carved Air exhibition with Yunchul Kim

  If you happen to be in Berlin this autumn, I highly recommend the exhibition by Yunchul Kim that runs until 1 December at Schering Stiftung. I will unfortunately not be able to attend the exhibition, but am glad that I got the chance to see the works he presented at Edit-Russ-Haus, Oldenburg last summer.