About (R)E-flexion

(R)E-flexion started in late 2012 as a tool to not only present and promote, but also express and communicate a weekly selection of works, artists, current exhibitions, tendencies and potentialities within the field of electronic art.

About the author

Anna Kindvall is an artist and a freelance curator based in Malmö, south of Sweden. At the moment she is working at Malmö Konsthall where she she is coordinating exhibitions, such as Joan Jonas, Damian Ortega and Jumana Manna. She is also a curator of the exhibition Trekking in Time at Ystad Art Museum, which she is co-curating with Yrr Jónasdóttir. The exhibition opens in September 2016.

In 2000 she was one of the co-founders of the art organisation Electrohype, together with Lars Gustav Midbøe she has produced and curated six biennials and a range of other exhibitions and conferences in the genre of electronic art. After over ten years of experience and engagement, she decided to take time out from Electrohype, devote more time to her own work and continue to explore other artists’ work, thereby finding a new approach to the practice of curating within the ever-changing and steadily increasing electronic art scene of today.